Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gun Laws vs. Gun Crimes

According to the most recent FBI stats, gun control laws have risen to their highest levels ever in the past two years. The FBI as seen an abundant increase in gun application background checks between 2009 - 2010 for the entire country. This means that not only have gun shops become more vigilant in following the laws but also that more individuals are seeking to purchase weapons across the nation.

The highest rates of gun crimes is known to occur in their primary states, Texas being one of them. Of course, in Texas we have always treasured our outlaw roots and have been one of several states that find it difficult to press forward with such stringent requirements of gun purchases, because if we are being realistic, this is Texas! We are known for gun toting, cattle rustling and an amazingly rapid death penalty system. Some may contribute the lax gun laws and our crime stats to one another, however, in the DC Gun Crime article, New York and California are also listed with Texas as having the highest gun crimes in the nation. Still New York and California also have the strongest gun control laws in the country and have been working to tighten the noose even more in this area.
So my concern is, if stricter laws are meant to control gun related crimes then why are New York and California's gun crimes at the same rate, if not a bit higher, than those in Texas?

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