Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sex Offender De-Registration At Last

During the 79th Regular session of the Texas Legislature, House Bill 867 was passed and signed into Law. (This law has effectively been on “hold” since 2007 because of a delay in formulating standards by the Texas Sex Offender Treatment Council. The Council has finally completed this work and we can now move forward). This new law has dramatically impacted the continuing duty to register for certain individuals. There is now an opportunity for individuals meeting specific conditions to have their duty to register terminated. There is now a process and authority to remove the horrible burden and stigma of public registration because of a mistake from your past.

Texas State Legislature voted to revamp the Sex Offender Registration Law following their conclusion of an in depth study into all aspects of the Sex Offender Registry and it's effectiveness. What the study found was that the "old" registration policies were lacking and that in order to prove an effective tool in sex offender crimes changes needed to be made.

If you are interested in learning more, please call our office at 512.472.6565 or email us at . Finally, an end to your duty to register may be in sight. I would be honored to assist with a free evaluation of your personal situation to determine eligibility.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how I feel about this? The law was created to keep us safe from sex offenders, why change this now.

William M. Hines said...

While sex offender registration does keep us safe, de-registration keeps us safer as it allows for the state to utilize it's already limited resources towards "high risk" offenders. The Romeo and Juliet offenders are those that are actually taking up time, resources, money and services that are very much needed for improvements in the registration process. Therefore, de-registration of those that are not actual repeat, high or even mid risk offenders is also a very important part of the State Sex Offender Registration.