Friday, April 1, 2011

To Protect and Sever Our Rights

Police have been known to use their authority somewhat recklessly from time to time. We've seen it in the news, read about it online and may have even felt the sting of it ourselves. What are we to do when officers have the discretion of deciding what victim is believable and which they want to file charges based on. If an individual walks into a police station, says she wants to file charges on her husband for "fondling" her in her sleep, is this a justifiable waste of time, money and resources for an officer to bother with. Most of us would say no, but common sense and logical thinking can not always compete with abuse of power. So, again, what are we to do when those that are assigned to "protect and serve" our community decide to play judge, jury and the all powerful "oz" of the judicial system?

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